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Celebrities, Sponsors, and Social Media – Do They Go Together?

Posted by zachthebernstein on June 11, 2013

We’ve talked a bit in class about celebrities endorsing products, but what about celebrities contributing to social media buzz for a company?  Not sure what that means?  Well, according to Synthesio, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is the best celebrity endorser when it comes to generating social media buzz.  Still not sure what it means?  Neither was I, so I’ll let Sporting News describe it:

In a season when she hasn’t performed all that well on the track, Patrick is performing exceptionally well off the track. Patrick is at the top of the social media rankings, which were compiled by taking the number of mentions of the brand and the celebrity in the same tweet and dividing it by the total number of mentions of the brand over a 30-day period.

Patrick, who has more than 916,000 twitter followers, generated 12.72 percent of the social media buzz for Go Daddy, according to the Synthesio blog on its website.

That’s four times as much as second-place Rihanna, who’s responsible for just over 3 percent of Covergirl’s social media buzz.  Only two other celebs are over 1 percent – LeBron James and Alec Baldwin.  The obvious takeaway – and one Synthesio’s CEO points out in the article – is that celebrities are generally not good at generating social media buzz for sponsors.  Though, to be honest, this seems an unusual use of celebrity endorsers.

Of course, Danica is generating buzz for a company that seems to rely on envelope-pushing Super Bowl ads which really seem to rely on her as an object of fantasy rather than a professional driver.  Unfortunately, that’s probably why she gets the highest marks of any celebrity here.

Granted, some of Go Daddy’s ads work (WARNING: Graphic nerd kissing in the link).  That doesn’t make it less sad that this is their marketing tool of choice.


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