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How will you own your 20s?

Posted by Natalia Protopopoff on June 11, 2013

If you haven’t watched this yet, it is by far the most useful thing that I can share with the blog.

As Meg discusses the “defining decade” in our lives, I can’t help but wonder what I will do personally to make the most of these next eight years.

This is not a throwaway decade when we forget how to act until bigger responsibilities are on our doorsteps. The choices we are making now, however insignificant they appear, are the biggest contributions to the person we become.

I also found it interesting that around 11 minutes in, Meg discusses the importance of “weak ties,” just as Rohit Bhargava does in Likeonomics.

I hope you will enjoy this talk as much as I did. Definitely interested in her book, anyone else?


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