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Social media and Customer Satisfaction

Posted by juliarav on June 11, 2013

I run into this interesting article on Business 2 Community about using social media as a management tool to handle customer dissatisfaction and hone the relationship between the marketers and customers. The article makes a great point by saying that social media is now a widely used communication channel that just cannot be ignored anymore, whether you are digital or more traditional driven companies. 

Most of the time, customers will complain about a certain brand because of one single point – the frustrating problem resolution process. A simple rule of thumb: as customers, when we don’t get what we want, especially after we pay for it, we get angry and we tell other people about it.

With the development of social media, people get used to say their unhappy experiences out loud on social networking channels, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or a blog, and they have limited tolerance for a company’s ignorance and insufficient resolution process.

From marketers standpoint, they should acknowledge the fact that it is not the end of the world to have a bad comment or review about your product, face it, nothing is going to impress everyone. However, how to maintain that strong relationship with your target and continue to be liked? 

  • Use social media to identify and manage customer expectation online and facilitate problem solving process 
  • Be proactive and transparent about how you are dealing with a certain issue, and encourage people to participate #youropinionisvalued
  • Provide different options for people to get in touch with your company, a phone line is not going to be enough and people will hate it to be forced to call
  • Acknowledge that communication ‘on-the-go’ is now normal and every business should tap into this digital era 
  • Understand that negative sentiment and criticisms can be turned into opportunities to re-position your brand, bring in new customers, review your company’s performance in and out 



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