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@SummerBreak To be Viewed Exclusively Through Social Media

Posted by stephanielenore on June 12, 2013

@SummerBreak To be Viewed Exclusively Through Social Media

Oh, dear. The world’s first social media-only reality show is upon us. 

The show, which can be followed through the Twitter handle @SummerBreak, is the brainchild of The Chernin Group – the same production company responsible for Laguna Beach. In partnership with AT&T, the show is being marketed as a mobile experience that follows the real life Twitter and Instagram accounts of cast members and unfolds in real time. 

Basically, The Chernin Group is taking content that is already freely produced and freely accessible, packaging and monetizing it. As the EVP of Production and Programming, Billy Parks, said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“… all these kids do a great job of taking pictures of themselves, but that’s not going to get out there to a massive market unless they have a little bit of a marketer’s brain. So we know how to tag everything, put it on Tumblr properly and also putting some marketing money behind it to get that out.”

And as far as the actual production elements behind @SummerBreak? Parks says, “every once in a while if nothing’s going on we’ll say go grab that guy and go to lunch. That’s as much producing as we do.”

As much as I loved Laguna Beach (LC + Stephen 4ever), I think that this idea is a little bit over the top. Yes, it’s cheap content that’s easily packaged for profit. But is it actually good? Maybe I’m just getting older, but I can barely stand the things that regular teens tweet (remember when they actually got Titanic to trend worldwide because they were expressing shock that it was real event?!).  


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