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Synchronizing, synchronizing and synchronizing

Posted by yuchrisahu on June 12, 2013

Although the new features of Apple’s products which are announced on WWDC13 have received mixed reviews,  I still admire Apple’s courage to embrace changes and keep providing convenience for our lives. In my opinion, these new features, especially in the OS X Mavericks, still reflect Apple’s belief in “simplicity”. By synchronizing data through iCloud, “simplicity” is becoming realistic and visible. The three features which I think are awesome are the new iWork, iCloud Keychains, and the maps.


We prefer Dropbox over email to keep update of our working documents because we don’t need to rename and save the documents every time we edit them. For iWork users, it seems not convenient to do the same thing. However, this new feature of iWork solves this problem. We can log in our iCloud accounts and edit any document of iWorks through Chrome, Safari and IE browsers instead of working on iWork platforms. Personally, I think this is great, for the productivity it will provide to us. The second one is iCloud Keychains.For future, iWork may even providing us more opportunities to collaborate with their own creativity, like Google Doc does.  It is a “manager” of our accounts and passwords. By remembering and providing  passwords for our accounts, it saves us a lot of time of recalling the right password. The third one is the maps. Our Macs can enjoy the benefits maps provide to our life. When we set the location on our mac, it could forward the information to our iPhone with real-time traffic and it is ready to navigate on our iPhones. Also, when we set up an event on calendar or even type in the keywords, it will provide the Google search for us and also real-time traffic to the place we want to go.


Therefore, even though people criticize Apple for not being creative as they should, I still believe in it. Just as Rohit Bhargava puts in his book Likeonomics, simplicity could be the ultimate competitive advantage. I believe that keep providing simplicity, jus like Apple does, is definitely the ultimate advantage.


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