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Father and 1 year old Son sings Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down”

Posted by My Freshman Year of Life on June 14, 2013

Diogo Mello from Brazil, became an internet sensation last week when he accompanied his father doing the 1969 Beatles song cover  “Don’t let me down.” I’m pretty sure when Christian Mello decided to record himself singing with his one and half year old son Diogo, that he wasn’t expecting for the video to go viral. Within three days of being uploaded on YouTube, the video had received 300, 000 views. What he should’ve realized was that no one has ever seen a kid that young singing a Beatles song, yet along with his ukulele.

By the time I got the chance to watch the video, it has already been viewed 2 million times. The incredible duo has captured the hearts of many around the world with their charming voice.
So what about this video made it go viral? Using the SUCCES’S model from the book “Made to Stick” I will analyze the elements that made it memorable.
1. Simple: We live in a world where everything is perfected to the “tee”, so once in a while it is refreshing to see something with so much simplicity.
2. Unexpected: Having a one and half year old kid singing like there’s no tomorrow adds to its uniqueness. I doubt he can comprehend the words to the song yet.
3. Concrete: “Don’t let me Down” is a song filled with great messages. Also who in the world doesn’t love the Beatles?
4. Credible: Father’s day is right around the corner, so people are gravitating to the video because of its relevance and timing.
5. Emotional: Everyone can relate to two individuals bonding and having fun, especially when it involeve a child an its parent.
6. Story: Two generations enjoying a Beatles song till this day. Music is definitely a universal language.

Check out the YouTube video of the great duo sharing a memorable moment:



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