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Posted by bexmoy on June 15, 2013

To celebrate Father’s Day, Washington Post’s Instagram asked followers to share something about their father’s character using the hashtag #MyDadIs. Some followers have commented on the post itself, sharing memories while others are posting their own photos with captions.

I think this hashtag campaign speaks to a couple different trends in social media today. 

First, that news organizations are engaging their readers beyond sharing the news or conversations about current events. Instead, news organizations are understanding that as a brand they must be conversing on social media in a more personal way, in addition to proving a forum for readers to comment on news stories. A Father’s Day campaign is a great opportunity for an outlet like the Washington Post, as their target audience likely has some positive and enduring memories they will gladly share, and Washington Post gave them a reason to do it. 

Second, a campaign centered around a holiday is a way to keep content relevant and fresh without a significant amount of man power. It is a campaign that can be recycled or refreshed for years to come, and will still get interest because it uses the holiday as leverage. The key for any brand is picking events that would have meaning for the community.

Interesting, Washington Post is not very active on Instagram. It shares only a few photos a month. This is a substantial campaign-the post said  comments will be pulled onto the website (thought I could not locate it on the site)-to start using Instagram more fully. This could be a test campaign for the organization to test the vitality of using Instagram on a more regular basis. It will be interesting to see if it continues to use similar engagement campaigns in the future, especially since the website’s paywall went into effect this week. 



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