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The Disappearing Classroom

Posted by valariewarren on June 15, 2013

The days of chalk boards, textbooks and school bells are quickly disappearing from the classrooms. In fact, the traditionally idea of what a classroom must be is being drastically revised.  With the introduction of web enabling communication devices, came the evolution of classroom learning. Gone are the days of strictly attend classes in a brick and molder building during a set time. Today, a person can attend classes at home, work or even a public store or street and receive a degree without ever setting a foot on a university’s grounds. The ability to transmit, transfer and translate information is become increasingly easier as the expansion of online communications advances making it possible for new online learning platforms directed at higher education. One such online learning platform that empowers and enables people to attain high education degrees is called 2U.


2U (formerly 2tor Inc.) began in 2008 by Founders, John Katzman, Jeremy Johnson and Chip Paucek and is based in Landover, Maryland.

2U started with an investment of $15 million from friends and financial institutions. Next 2U began its first partnership with the University of Southern California’s School of Education, eventually growing 2U’s network with over 15 partnerships with other schools and colleges. One of the attractions that makes 2U a great learning environment is that they incorporate visual learning with online content reading, live class chat sessions, practical learning made to simulate gaming and distance learning. Another unique concept that Katzman incorporated in his higher education online learning platform is that 2U does not allow partnership schools to compete against one another if they for example, both had the same degree program. 2U will only agree to market a school’s program if no other such program exist within its present university partnerships. Many universities seek out a coveted partnership with 2U, which is rated as a top 10 online higher education platform companies across the world. However, few companies and universities are able to duplicate the success of 2U. You can take a look at 2U at some of the following websites:

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