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Myspace (Remember Her?)

Posted by richardjudge on June 16, 2013

I want to take a moment to talk about something other than cutting edge social media news on the blog today.  In other words, I’m going to talk Myspace.

You remember Myspace right? That ex you dumped for Facebook a few years ago.  What’s she been up to you since you last saw her anyways?  Well she’s back….and she looks GOOD!

Since you moved on, she’s been doing some P90X and changed up her hair style.  She mostly hangs out with musicians nowadays. You’d barely recognize her.  And just last week she dropped her old look completely.

Last Wednesday, Myspace officially relaunched with a brand new interface.  Its goal is to make it a bigger player in the streaming music scene and catch on with the creative types.  Myspace president and CEO Tim Vanderhook talked about the new Myspace, telling the AP:

‘‘Today more than ever there’s this need for a creative ecosystem that kind of caters to the creative community and that’s both a social network and the streaming services attached,’’ Tim Vanderhook said. ‘‘For us when we looked at it, we really talked to a lot of artists and . . . they all said, ‘I use all these various platforms but none of them really do what we need.’ What they really needed, they explained to us, was a home.’’

Look, I know you still love Facebook.  All I’m saying is that it might not hurt to have a coffee with Myspace, just for old times sake.

You never know, maybe you can still be friends again.


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