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Live Ted Talk: Morgan Spurlock

Posted by My Freshman Year of Life on June 16, 2013

Morgan Spurlock took center stage at the Ted Talk in California earlier today, and uncovered the ugly and hidden truth behind brand marketing “transparency.” On a quest to find company to sponsor him for a documentary on  “transparency” Spurlock quickly realized that companies were not so receptive on having someone else take control of their brand. As much as companies talk about transparency, the audience found out that companies only talk about it when they are in complete control of the story or better yet when it benefits them.

During his introduction, Spurlock mentioned that he had done a lot of scary and difficult things in his life, including going to prison, working in a cold mine, filming in war zone, and even spending 30 days eating MC. Donald’s. Clearly this man has done things that some of us couldn’t even imagine of doing even in our sleep.  Yet, he found himself being challenged and feeling like an idiot when he approached the “Big Guys” or better yet the PR agencies. He mentioned that nothing in the world could prepared him to pitching his idea to the PR agencies.

Spurlock gave his audience an interesting approach on corporation’s hypocrisy in terms of transparency His witty and fun personality was able to grasp the audience attention and  left them with more questions. At the beginning of his documentary he mentioned had 500 companies willing to sponsor him, by the time they realize what he was up to only 17 companies decided to join him.

In this day and age where it take s only a bad review to tarnish a company’s brand, I totally understand why some organizations were so reluctant in handing Spurlock their brand equity, especially to a controversial filmmaker.  Spurlock has to realize that not everything needs to come out the light, we as human we deal with things that we wouldn’t want our closest friend to  know about, we all have some limits to what we want to be shared about us.


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