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Beer is the Cure for Awkward Cell Phone Users in Bars

Posted by Lauren F. on June 17, 2013

We’re all guilty of it, but we’re all annoyed by it. Cell phone usage dominates all our lives – but is also ruining our ability to interact with any social normality. Even in a bar, the epicenter of social interaction, people sit with their cell phones in hand and eyes down. And so, Salve Jorge Bar in São Paulo, Brazil, unveiled the Offline Glass, a beer glass designed to only stand upright when supported by a flat smartphone (see picture). 


The glass is deigned to “help drinkers focus on their friends, as opposed to their screens,” according toThe Telegraph. Although I’m not sure this is the long-term solution to our social media anti-socialism issues, it is a start at a pretty annoying problem. And, if you’re worried about the beer ruining your phone, the makers of the glass “claim its shape and size prevent condensation from running down the side of the glass and damaging the phone.”


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