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Social Media Makes the Food Truck Possible

Posted by bexmoy on June 17, 2013

Finding the perfect food truck is like entering into a serious, committed relationship. You’re not only vowing to stop by that restaurant every time you are in the neighborhood, you’re agreeing to follow it on social media, beg it to come park outside your office, and be ready to drop everything to get to that food truck if it’s even remotely convenient-especially after a long winter.

Outside of Truckeroo, the only way to truly know of food truck locations is through Twitter, Facebook and apps like Eat St. The advent of social media platforms and a declining economy provided an opportune moment for food trucks to become a trend.

Social media is what gets customers to the traveling restaurant. It is also what promotes the food truck, as the truck engages with customers and increases awareness to other potential customers.

Without social media, I don’t think that food trucks would have found the same popularity. Just another reason to be grateful for smart phones and Twitter!


One Response to “Social Media Makes the Food Truck Possible”

  1. Stephanie said

    This may be the most phenomenal infographic I have ever seen. What is interesting about food trucks and their social media marketing strategies is that the notion seems to transcend cultures and is permeating eastern societies. Seoul, South Korea has an avid food truck scene that is promoted strictly through social media and attracts wide ranging audiences. While the most popular food trucks in that city were originally created by westerners living in Seoul, Koreans have adopted the trend regardless of age. South Korea is supposed to have the fastest internet in the world, resulting in a smart phone for everyone beginning with 4 year olds. It also encompasses the juxtaposition of old tradition and modern technology resulting from such a rapid economic growth over the past 30 years. This clash does usually end in conflict between the generations on most issues. However, the popularity of food trucks not only appeals to the younger crowd but to the older generations as well. It is interesting to observe the principles of social media promotions being successfully applied on opposite sides of the world among truly opposite cultures. It can’t be denied, everyone just loves a good food truck.

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