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A Better Breakdown of How Apple Fields Requests for Information from the Government

Posted by Lauren F. on June 18, 2013


In the last few weeks, much has been reported on how the large Internet and social media giants such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Apple have been made to share consumer information with the government in the name of national security. Whether you agree with this issue or not, it is important to understand the facts from the fiction in the media as this is an issue that sparks contentious debate amongst rival political and social parties. As usual, Mashable has come to the rescue to help us understand how exactly our information is being shared. This video specifically addresses the types of information tech giant Apple, is collecting from users and how they manage to field requests from the government for access. It also gives some details on Facebook and Google’s interactions with the government in relation to data-sharing as well. I thought this would be an interesting watch for our class as we’re all current and active social media users. 




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