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Be patient about #Facebook

Posted by juliarav on June 18, 2013

Be patient about #Facebook

I don’t know about you but I certainly got excited when #Facebook adopted the hashtag functionality. Not necessarily know why, maybe it is simply a respectful gesture of how Facebook is finally catching up with this hashtag trend, started by Twitter where people just feel like hashtag everything.

One of the blog posts I read about this new trend by Ogilvy states a few points that are interesting to think about, so that we as social media consumers as well as producers can step away from this “excitement”.

1. The hashtag functionality certainly allows brands to have more interactions with their audiences, but it may just be a great idea to wait and see what this new thing can actually bring to us before jumping right in.
2. The idea sounds a lot similar to what Twitter has been doing, but hold that thought and “play” around with it. Also, be respectful and mindful for whatever you do because the two hashtags aren’t necessarily the same thing.
3. For most brands out there, Facebook is the biggest thing and the hub for their voices. To hold on to what they have or adopt the hashtag functionality and revisit the digital plan can be hard to decide.

If you think back to those changes Facebook has made on its interface, yes, most people don’t like it. Navigating on the page becomes even harder and confusing and paid services seem to be a trend. Now, how # can affect our lives? We will see.


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