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Sheryl Sandberg Saving Lives

Posted by bexmoy on June 18, 2013

Though now her name is more synonymous with “Lean In” than with Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg was the catalyst for Facebook getting the Organ Donation status. She approached a former Harvard classmate about the idea after reading his story of needing a transplant in the alumni magazine. Through their conversation the idea to encourage people to become an organ donor via Facebook evolved.

On an average day just over 600 people signed up to be donors in the U.S., but when Facebook created the timeline story the number of donors signing up was over 13,000.

The positive impact of social media on society is often debated, and it will continue to be in the future. One element of social media’s influence is undeniable: peer pressure. The success of the organ donor initiative is a great example, as is the reminder to vote during major U.S. elections.

So peer pressure isn’t all bad. And neither is wasting a little time on Facebook.

To learn more about Facebook’s Organ Donation partnership, read this Forbes article.


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