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Again, our private information is everywhere

Posted by yuchrisahu on June 22, 2013

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According to the report on Mashable, Facebook has accidentally exposed 6 million users’ contact information due to a software bug. This is the second crisis Facebook has regarding to privacy issue this month (Source:


I remember that Natalia has shared an interesting inforgraphic ( about our private information’s safety on social media. Most of us shared our full name, our employment information and even our home address. Besides, we tend to use similar password for other accounts such as social media and email because we are overwhelmed by remembering so many password to so many accounts. We know that there are potential risks to easily give our information away and we know that our private information is everywhere. However, what we don’t know is that we are so annoyed when our phone number or email address are actually exposed though the social media such as Facebook.


Are we continuing to share more private information on social media or retreat from them? IT’S UP TO YOU. Should social media continue to access to our contacts? II’S UP TO US. They only provide convenience regarding to our needs. But, to know privacy setting on each social media platform and be more careful when sharing our information may be the only thing we can do.


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