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Are you one of those 6 millions?

Posted by qqnguyen on June 22, 2013

Facebook revealed that about 6 million Facebook users’ information such as phone number and email address had been exposed to a third party due to a software bug. I have always been questioning about the Facebook feature of “friend suggesting,” and there comes the answer when Facebook announced this information on Friday afternoon.

Revealing personal information due to hacking or even some software bug is not new news anymore. But the way Facebook being (somewhat) honest about it and try their best to find a way to fix it is rather impressive. With the grow of technology, there is no safe place to put your identity on the internet. To be honest about this kind of information is another way to share responsibility and to give consumers choices.

To leave or to stay with Facebook knowing that your information might be exposed is completely the consumers’ choice now. But which choice is the best choice and how many users will think twice about this issue?

For additional information about the article from ABC News, click here


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