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Is There Such A Thing As A Facebook Faux Paus?

Posted by hlg123 on June 22, 2013


In a recent New York Times article, “Facebook Made Me Do It,” technology writer Jenna Wortham highlights the multitude of shocking behaviors she’s witnessed her friends engaging in over the years on social media platforms.  Wortham is fascinated by the factors at play that cause seemingly “normal” friends to abandon all aspects of propriety and bare all (literally and figuratively) online.

Wortham’s musings do make you wonder though. We’ve all been cautioned about the dangers that online behavior that is deemed inappropriate can come back to haunt unsuspected users in job interviews or by offending the sensibilities of a tech savvy older relative.

But is there a kind of cognitive dissonance that occurs on these platforms that causes people who typically fall in line with accepted social norms? Are there any drawbacks to social networking with “no rules”? Nothing, not even the Internet, can completely shirk societal restraints, but it will be interesting to see how behavior, perceptions, and ramifications evolve as social networking becomes an ever more common aspects of ordinary life.

–Hannah Griffin


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