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From Desktop to Mobile to Desktop

Posted by rc9530a on June 24, 2013

The way technology evolves doesn’t make too much sense half the time, but the innovations that take place usually serve as a response to user demand. The same can be said for social media. Initially, social media started on the desktop and then quickly migrated to mobile platforms thanks to “need to kill time” qualities, and now some platforms are making a comeback on the PC.


Mashable listed some really interesting plug-ins for Google chrome that allows you to access social media in new ways. Plug-ins serves the purpose of expediting your web processes, and these plug-ins work as a great way of saving you time while you’re online (hey, that rhymed [and so did that]). Of their list, my favorite extensions are Hover Zoom (lets you zoom into a photo by hovering your mouse over it rather than clicking), Post to Tumblr (one-click sharing of web content for Tumblr) and Evernote Web Clipper (Evernote. Enough said).


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