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Posted by Stephanie on June 24, 2013

There have been a number of extensive posts throughout the past few weeks about Snapchat and it’s growing popularity. While it has wide ranging purposes based on it’s user ship, the app has been restricted for children under 13 until now. SnapKidz now allows children under the age of 13 to use the app to essentially take photos, edit them, draw on them and caption them. They can only save it locally and cannot utilize Snapchat’s most prominent feature; the ability to share it with friends. 

This article argues that this new update may be Snapchat’s attempt to gain more funding by being more family inclusive, but in essence this might be a useless update considering kids can just lie about their age and get the full features anyways. 

Snapchat has very little room for growth in my opinion, and seems as though it is a trend that won’t sustain itself much longer. It’s silly and fun and conceptually sound, but from a strategic growth standpoint, their options seem just as fleeting as the number of seconds a snapchat photo remains on screen.

-Stephanie Saulsbury


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