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Track Your Sucess on Instagram

Posted by lianabailey1 on June 24, 2013

Wouldn’t Instagram be easier if we knew what exact filter to choose to get the most likes. Well now we can! We can track our success on Instagram. Statigram is Instagram’s new analytic tool. Before it was very hard to track your impact on Instagram but now we can find out information to reach maximum success with your account. It is very simply to use; you sign in with your Instagram login and then Statigram does the rest of the work. Within 24hrs you will receive an email with your Statigram report detailing key findings about your account. Below you will see a list of just some of the analytics included in your report.

 Last 7 Days: How many followers you’ve gained and lost this week.

Rolling Month Analysis: Content, engagement and follower stats for the month.

Content: Post history and distribution, broken down by year, month, day of the week and even time of day.

Engagement: Growth history of likes and comments received.

Optimization: Best time to post and average lifespan of each Instagram image.

Community: View follower growth, reciprocated relationships and top followers.

One Response to “Track Your Sucess on Instagram”

  1. Justin said

    This Statigram tool is definitely a favorite of mine, mostly for the variety of reasons you mentioned. My personal favorites are the rolling month analysis and the optimization features.

    Sometimes, when you post so many things on the regular you rarely have time to monitor which specific content is getting the most feedback. The Rolling Month Analysis keeps everything in order and let’s you know who’s frequently engaging in your photos, and what photos are gaining the most interaction.

    The optimization works well for my own personal use, but I think it could be of tremendous use for a business or organization. While I use it out of curiousity to see which filters I use most, a business could really use this to find the exact right times to put out their content based on previous interaction.

    Statigram is so detailed I’m surprised it’s free. Hopefully it remains that way in the future.

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