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When It Comes to Smart Phones, How Big is Too Big?

Posted by vickydanqingzhang on June 24, 2013

Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications equipment and services company, won the latest battle in the phone screen size arms race today, after the company announced its MediaPad 7 Vogue phone/tablet hybrid with a gigantic 7-inch screen today.

As we all noticed, smartphones are headed for bigger screens. The line between tablet and smartphone is blurred. People want a device to free them from carrying both tablet and smartphone everyday. So, phablets came out. A phablet is a device that has the functionalities of both a smartphone and a tablet. To make sure customers have the best experience viewing photos and videos on their phablets, companies, such as Samsung and HTC, kept enlarging the screens on their phablets.

MediaPad 7 Vogue is a typical product following this big screen trend. Huawei says the tablet works as phone supporting direct calling, and doesn’t need headphones, but if you’re thinking this is a good thing, a promo image, which you can see here, will remind you that it’s not. Is Huawei giving us a hint that humans will evolve with larger heads? When it comes to smart phones, how big is too big? Are they going too far?



One Response to “When It Comes to Smart Phones, How Big is Too Big?”

  1. Justin said

    I recall the first itme I brought my 7-inch tablet to class and was quite amazed at how many people were asking if it was my phone. I couldn’t believe at first, second, or even third glance that it would look like a phone. Then I began to notice how big some of these smartphones were getting. If the iPhone is ‘small’ and my tablet was ‘large’, then there are definitely some phones above the ‘medium’ size.

    While it seems (and looks) ridiculous, sometimes I wish my tablet did have call capabilities, just to make a quick call here and there. It may not be the most practical to walk around with, but I could see this happening in the future.

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