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How Pandas Are Just Like Us

Posted by jennywang6 on June 25, 2013

I, like the rest of the world, am pretty panda-crazy.  I came across an article on Mashable on 10 ways (visuals included) pandas are just like us; needless to say, I found it too cute for words and felt compelled to share.

Speaking of pandas, I wonder how the National Zoo is dealing with their embarrassment of losing the red panda the other day.  However, they seem to be handling the crisis well on their official Twitter handle with humorous and up-to-the-minute tweets.  The perfect way for the National Zoo to deal with a missing animal is through their Twitter handle–they are then able to appear transparent, honest, and forthcoming during a crisis.  In addition, someone tweeted at them with a picture of the red panda when it was still loose, aiding in the little guy’s recovery.  In other words, it was a perfect way to get the public involved and helping while also dispensing updates on the situation.



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