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InstaVideo, You Can Do Better

Posted by vickydanqingzhang on June 25, 2013

As a regular event for fans, #WHP (Weekend Hashtag Project) was held by Instagram in the past weekend. For those not in the know, in #WHP, Instagram chooses a theme or idea of some sort and then all of fans take photos around that and post with the hashtag.


This weekend, the project was different than any Instagram had ever done before; the hashtag was set as #WHPMovingPictures to celebrate the recent video for Instagram release. Being ushered in with a #WHP means it is official; Instagram is all-in.

After the excitement of the fresh video feature on Instagram, we realized that there are a few things about the Instagram video need to be fixed: on its video effort.


  1. Photo and video feeds need to be separated. People don’t have time to peruse their Instagram feed with tons of auto-played videos (we have to admit that some of them are really boring). Allow users to have separate feeds for videos and stills will be a smart move.
  2. Please let us take silent video. There is no option to stop audio recording at this point. The nature of Instagram is a place of silent and beautiful stills; then why shouldn’t silent and beautiful video be added to the app? Vine hasn’t added this silent mode yet as well. So it is the great timing for Instagram to surpass Vine by surprising users with the thoughtful silent mode function.

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