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Mastering One of PR’s Greatest Tools: Cision

Posted by nguldin on June 25, 2013

Oh, Cision. The goliath beast of PR that no one wants to touch simply because it typically brings about mass amounts of frustration and pain. Why do we use it then? Cision is a massive database of nearly every reporter in the world. If you need to create a media list, Cision is one of the sites that will allow you to do that. How do you master this fickle tool though?

Have a plan of attack in mind: Before you even touch Cision, have a plan of what type of media you are seeking to contact. Is it newspaper reporters. Maybe it’s news directors from a radio station or the assignment desk at a television station. Make sure you know this before officially getting started.

Divide your media searches by type: Whether you are searching for newspaper reporters or radio shows, it’s easier to organize your lists if you break them up by category.

Provide Cision with your specific search criteria: The more specific you make your search criteria, the better your list will be. Use the correct DMA and make sure you’re searching for the right people. This will cut the fat and make your list more usable from the start.

Want to learn more about how to create a good Cision media list? Check out this link.


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