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Your Personal Social Media Magazine

Posted by lianabailey1 on June 25, 2013

Now view your content from all your social media and favorite websites at once. Flipboard available now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, is a app that collects the content of social media and other websites and presents it in magazine format and allows users to “flip” through their social-networking feeds and feeds from websites that have partnered with the company.

The application’s user interface is designed for intuitive flipping through content. Once the feeds have been set up, the first page seen when the application is opened is a visual list of the subscribed content. The iPhone version introduced a prominent “Cover Stories” section on the first page collating only the most recent, important items from all of the subscriptions. This is meant to be read when the user only has a short period of time for reading.

As a frequent user of Flipboard, I highly recommend it, especially if you have multiple accounts across different social media platforms. You have the ability to view all all your content at once which makes it a lot easier if you are on the go. I also like the fact that I can add content into my feed from tons of magazine such as Elle and Vogue along with content from CNN and NPR.

Download the app now or check out the website here


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