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5 million Instagram videos uploaded!

Posted by My Freshman Year of Life on June 26, 2013

This generation adapts to changes so fast that it is not surprising that we are constantly being fed new information every hour.

Just six days ago, Instagram launched its new “video” feature, yet it’s amazes me to hear that users have uploaded up to 5 million videos to date. I gave Instagram users benefit of a doubt, I thought they wouldn’t be so receptive to the change and might even boycott Instagram since Vine has the same features but no; I was wrong.


According to a Mashable article,  celebrities and huge brands have also contributed to the craze. I guess I’m going to jump on the band wagon sooner  or later.

For more info click this link for the Mashable article.


One Response to “5 million Instagram videos uploaded!”

  1. qqnguyen said

    Yes I absolutely love this new feature of Instagram! I am a little behind on Vine and Twitter. So I was extra excited upon hearing the news. I uploaded my first Instagram video yesterday when I was flying to another state. It is an excellent feeling being able to catch and share that kind of moment when you are in the sky with the awesome view. Vine is a little too short for me with only 6 seconds. Also, there are many people who already have a lot of followers on Instagram for sharing cool pictures, this is such an advantage. I could careless on who came up with the idea first (Vine), as long as it fits my needs and interests, I will use it. Thanks for the post. I have been wanting to share my opinion on this topic for so long.

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