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A-List iPhone Apps

Posted by vickydanqingzhang on June 26, 2013

It is time to update our iPhones with new and fun apps. The Digital Trends published a list of great iPhone apps today. There are some highlights from this list.


clear-icon-2-100x100Clear ($2) (Productivity):

“A fitting name for a to-do list app that understands the benefits of clarity when it comes to increasing productivity, Clear is simple and intuitive. It’s all controlled with simple gestures – pull down to create a new task, swipe to mark it complete, and pinch to switch lists. You to-dos are backed up in iCloud. Each day you get your list laid out and you can work through it.”

There is a download code for this app (MA934LR3MHTE). Please feel free to use it and try this app for free.

karaoke-icon-100x100Sing! Karaoke (Free – $25) (Fun):

“Fancy yourself as a singer? You can prove it with Sing! Karaoke, which transforms your iPhone into a portable karaoke machine. The basic app is free, but you’ll need a subscription ($2 weekly, $5 monthly, or $25 annually) to enjoy access to the large library of tracks. You can hook up with your friends and enjoy duets or group performances in person or online. The app also features voice filters and the ability to upload and share your best performances.”

wi-fi-finder-iconsWi-Fi Finder (Free) (Utility):
“It’s as simple as it sounds. This app will locate and display the free and pay required Wi-Fi hotspots nearest you and even filter by location, so you can determine if you’d rather use the Internet in a nearby library or Starbucks. You can also search paid, free, or all available Wi-Fi. It pulls from a database of 54,500 locations internationally, so odds are you’ll find something.”

Check out this link  for the full list.



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