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Chinese Astronaut Becomes New Social Media Darling

Posted by vickydanqingzhang on June 26, 2013

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield made quite a name for himself while he was a commander on board the International Space Station by releasing fun and informative videos of how everyday activities are carried out in space.


There’s a new superstar in outer space. Meet Chinese astronaut Wang YaPing.  She and two other astronauts are currently on board the Chinese space lab Tiangong 1.

Last week, Wang taught a science class for the enjoyment of 60 million Chinese schoolchildren. Just as Hadfield did, Wang got in touch with her audience via social media. Her lecture contained inspiring examples of what makes physics in space so interesting. The lecture videos went viral on Chinese social media.

Users of the Chinese most popular social media platform – Weibo, which is a lot like Twitter except for its own picture and video features, became enamored with Wang. Weibors were impressed by Wang’s idea and became her followers. Wang’s mission just launched last week, so maybe there will be more videos in the future.


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