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Even Cars Do It? Will Cars Someday Have a Social Media Feature?

Posted by vickydanqingzhang on June 26, 2013

Social-Media-in-CarSocial media is everywhere now. Sharing thoughts and news on social media has become a part of our everyday life. Phone-related driving accidents are increasing, because people can’t help tweeting while driving.

Picture this. You are driving your car on the highway, and you decide to tweet about the lack of traffic on your morning commute. By hitting a button on your steering wheel and speaking when prompted, you can easily tweet to your followers without even glancing at your smart phone. Picture this. You are driving on a country lane and attracted by the beautiful view. By hitting a button on your steering wheel, the camera installed at the front of the car will take a picture and automatically upload to your Instagram timeline.

Rumor has it that some car companies like Mercedes, Cadillac, and Honda, are already planning ways to integrate social media into their vehicles. Mercedes is working on a telematics feature that allows drivers to interact with Facebook and other social media services. Also, the Honda Accord has come out with a feature that allows you access to social media through the screen located on the center dash. However a step in the right direction, Honda has not broken the hands-free social media barrier just yet.

Social media technology will eventually added to our cars. In the near future, our cars will be playing with social media as we do.


2 Responses to “Even Cars Do It? Will Cars Someday Have a Social Media Feature?”

  1. qqnguyen said

    I have always amazed by how fast technology grow, but growing too fast could be a problem too. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology. But kind of disagree with this new invention. To me, it is a very smart and stupid idea at the same time. Why find another way to distract people from the road? So many accidents were caused by phonesusage/texting/tweeting/facebooking, and now come right to the car? No matter how well a person can drive, hand-free or not, they still get distracted with those kind of features. So for me, I will be the one to say “no” to this new high-tech cars.

  2. Justin said

    I think this is an extremely innovative idea and I can definitely see this happening in the near future with these car companies. However, I do have my doubts about whether it’s the right thing to take social media apps this far.

    While I’m sure they are doing it with the intentions of making it easier and safer to update. I believe the convience of update buttons could make it too frquent of a use.

    They must not forget that social media is INTERACTIVE, which is not exactly the best idea for drivers. Being one of the sufferers of the DC commute, I could definitely see how this could be more fun, but I guess in the end I could do without social media during my drive time.

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