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Facebook Shadow Profile – All about Your Privacy

Posted by yuchrisahu on June 26, 2013

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When we still talking about Facebook’s exposure of 6 million users’ contacts, something more serious came out – Facebook Shadow Profile.


It turns out that someone who haven’t share their own contacts on Facebook have reported that their contacts were exposed, but how? The answer is – Facebook Shadow Profile. Theoretically, anyone who has a Facebook account has a shadow profile. When your friends on Facebook scanned their mobile contacts through the “Find Friends” feature, it would download all the contacts in your friends’ phone and then your contacts have been told to Facebook. In this way, someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account may also have their contacts exposed to Facebook.


Should we be worried? Well, we should, especially when Facebook was said to be one of the companies who may shared users’ information with the National Security Agency. However, there may be nothing we can do right now.


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