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I #standwithWendy – but Cable News doesn’t

Posted by stephanielenore on June 26, 2013

I #standwithWendy – but Cable News doesn’t

It’s been said that the revolution won’t be televised, but last night proved that it will be tweeted. 

I had heard earlier in the day about Wendy Davis, a state senator from Texas who was planning a 14+ hour filibuster of a bill that would essentially force the closure of all abortion clinics in the state, but didn’t really pay close attention – here and there a tweet would pop up on my feed, but CNN and MSNBC weren’t covering the story when I was watching from my gym’s treadmill. But around 11pm last night, my Twitter feed started to blow up and I started paying attention.

“At one point near midnight last night, 182,000 people were watching the maneuvering of state legislators. State politics. A filibuster. As news executives would describe it, ratings poison.”

Of course, those 182,000 watching were doing so online via a live stream feed from the floor of the Texas Senate. And even more people were following on Twitter. In fact, “according to Twitter, the #standwithwendy hashtag had 400,000 global mentions Tuesday.” 

And today, the Internet was celebrating



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