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Instagram VS Vine

Posted by yuchrisahu on June 26, 2013

I found one interesting picture which compares basic features of Instagram videos and Vine. With Vine “dominating” the short video sharing market, can Instagram compete with it? Let’s first look at the difference between them.

(Pictures from Edelmen’s Facebook Feed)


According to this photo, Instagram allows 13 seconds video and video filter while Vine only allows 6 seconds and no filter for videos. Longer time allows us to have more content in the video and explain things better, but shorter time, like Vine videos, always requite higher performance of creativity, which could have higher chance to go viral. Instagram videos cannot be played in Facebook feed but Vine videos loops by default.

In addition, Instagram has an advantage over Vine – the larger users and allows to share on more social media platforms. For video sharing apps, the ability to share to as much platforms as possible is quite important. Instagram videos can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Tumblr and Foursquare while Vine videos can only be shared to Facebook and Twitter.

So,  Vine has the users of video-sharing addicts but Instagram seems adds one sweet feature for people addicts to pictures and also want to share short clips. Both of them has solid user base with different figures. Therefore, as a PR person, when reaching to target audience, we may need to choose the right platform to promote our campaign.

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