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Posted by jennywang6 on June 26, 2013

I went to BusinessWire’s event this morning – “Making Digital Content Powerful.”  Some notes/takeaways:

  • 85% of consumers want videos that educate them about products/services.
  • 90% of people’s media interaction is through a screen.
  • 65% of people categorize themselves as visual learners.
  • People connect and remember information better through interactive video rather than just written word.


  • The next step for expanding the traditional written press release is to make it visual.
  • Press releases can now include links to videos such as expert interviews, video FAQs, video news report (different from traditional video news release), interactive images, testimonials, etc.
  • Keep videos short (90 seconds to 2 min.) – known as “snackables”
  • Motion infographics are a good way to capture attention and relay complex information in a easy-to-understand format.
  • Consumers want professionally produced video these days – no more handheld amateur-style videos, which were cool for a hot second.
  • “storytizing” – making a video more meaningful and personal with a call to action
  • 1-9-90 rule – 1% of all internet users are actively creating content (i.e. bloggers); 9% of all internet users are actively sharing and commenting content.
    • With interactive digital content and video, you are engaging the 9% directly in addition to the 1%.

BusinessWire and NextWorks (creative content marketing firm) are now partnering together.  BusinessWire will be able to provide customers with more services such as corporate video, online influence tours (for bloggers), b-roll, post-production services, radio news releases, etc. in order to provide more interactive content in order to more directly engage consumers.


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