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Garnering Retweets Is An Art Form

Posted by hlg123 on June 26, 2013

Ragan’s PR News Daily blog seems confident it is. What’s more, they think it’s an art form  every brand can (and should) learn. In a recent blog post, Kevin Allen provides the following tips to increase a company’s retweets:

  • There’s a sweet spot for the amount of characters your tweet should have—anywhere from 70 to 100
  • include a link and a relevant hashtag, as those tend to get more retweets
  • If you’re blatant about soliciting retweets, you’ll be happy to know that the phrase “please retweet” has a 51 percent retweet rate

Allen’s recommendations highlight an interesting aspect of social networking that I’ve noticed time and time again when thinking about how brands’ utilize (or fail to utilize) social networking platforms. It all really comes down to customer engagement and customer service. New technologies allow brands to interact and engage their customers in ever-mroe creative ways, but responsiveness, politeness, and following the basic tenets of customer service, remain the staples of any brand’s interaction with its customer base. Sometimes in the swirl of activity online, this basic truth seems to get overlooked or pushed to the side.

As Allen mentioned, a simple “please retweet” request works almost 51% of the time. Brands should remember that whatever the medium, engaging audiences has a lot to do with the platform and aesthetic appeal, but even more to do with common courtesy.

The complete infographic for “The Art of Getting Retweets” is below.

–Hannah Griffin



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