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Posted by lianabailey1 on June 26, 2013

The “selfie” has exploded across social media platforms especially with the rise of the Instagram. A selfie, with the first reference dating back to 2005 on Myspace is a self-portrait taken by the user which is then posted to a social media site typically those that are picture sharing focused such as Instagram or Facebook. Along with the self-portrait the user will typically upload the picture with the hashtag #selfie. Instagram to date has more than 23 million posts with the hashtag #selfie and more than 70 million post with the hashtag #me which is a close variation of the selfie hashtag. Oxford dictionary has been monitoring the term and has considered adding the term in the near future. 

So what is our obsession with self-portraits? 

Carole Lieberman, a psychiatrist on Beverly Hills recently spoke about the selfie phenomenon . She argues “The rise of the selfie is a perfect metaphor for our increasingly narcissistic culture. We are desperately crying out: Look at me!” A psychologist by the name of Pamela Rutledge argues that the selfie “is democratizing the once-snooty practice of self-portraiture” a tradition that was around way before social media.

As a self-proclaimed “selfie queen”  I think the selfie is here to stay.


3 Responses to “Selfie-Centered”

  1. qqnguyen said

    Yes I feel the same way, “the selfie” is here to stay!” Like what you said, people who take a lot of selfie as a way to get others’ attention, but when it came to the frequency like they do today, hardly anyone is paying attention anymore. Many people take selfie everyday and all day, using the “almost the same” facial expression and posing position (mostly teenagers). I do not see the point there. This is exactly the same as those who take pictures of every single dishes that they eat and post it on instagram. To me, posting pictures like that is not a way to socialize, but is rather testing people’s patient!


  2. nrcazeau said

    This blog relates a lot to my latest post called “Narcissism being linked to social media.” It is very interesting to see how social media have change the way we communicate but also our attitudes.According to a study results from CNBC, the average time spent on Facebook a month is 7 hours and Americans in total spend 121 billion minutes on social media sites in just one month.

    Surprising Right?

    Our generation is constantly seeking attention and approval from others hence the “selfie” craze. However, I think that the “selfie” can also damage our self-esteem.. I’ve seen people change their Facebook picture or Instagram 10 minutes after posting them because no one ” liked” it. So selfie might be a the quick snippet of our mom 1970’s self- portrait, but its long term side effects are permanent.

    Ps. I had no idea that the word “selfie” dated back to Myspace!

  3. Justin said

    I found this to be very interesting for a number of reasons. I think primarily because I never looked into it more than just people who can fill up your timeline of pictures of their face (and sometimes way more forehead).

    But seeing a psychiatrist talk about it made me think a little deeper and realize how in-depth these “selfies” go. My theorethical framework of my capstone was self-presentation theory, which discusses the image one perceives they present within communications. I feel the “selfie” definitely has strong ties with this theory, as it shows sometimes people aren’t always presenting with the same intentions that others see.

    Even more so, it is a HUGE contributor to our narcissistic culture– some people just can’t help themselves. Even Aaron Hernandez, who was just arrested for murder, couldn’t resist the urge to shoot and post a selfie of himself with a gun he late used for the crime. While this is an extreme example, it truly shows how bad some people just can’t resist.

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