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Social Media changing our society.

Posted by My Freshman Year of Life on June 26, 2013

Social media sites were created to help us connect with others. Though this might come as a surprise to many people, there was a time where social media didn’t exist. Shocking right??? In fact, people communicated naturally, face to face like we are supposed to. Regardless of the fact social media has managed to change the way we were once wired and we have allowed it to be part of our lives.

If your use of social media is limited by sneaking on your friends, or observing the every move of your ex, I have news for you, just delete your account.  Nowadays jobs are posted on social media; news reporters quote its users on controversial topics and so much more. In fact through the years major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have found themselves in places they’ve never imagined themselves such as

  1. Helping the Smithsonianlocate their panda
  2. Raising Awareness of  KONY
  3. Raising awareness of  the Arab Spring
  4. Helping families communicate to  earthquake victims in Haiti  and much more .

No one ever imagined that social media sites would become a communication tool for the 21st century.  Who knows maybe it would change later down the road, maybe it would consume so much of our lives that people would want to go back to the old ways.


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