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Social Media Erupts Over Gay Marriage Ruling!

Posted by jennywang6 on June 26, 2013

Love is love – today is a great day to be in DC!

On this historic day, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in a 5-4 decision, deeming the Act unconstitutional.  This means that the federal government will now recognize gay marriage in the 12 states and DC where it’s currently legal.  In addition, the court allowed gay marriage to continue in California in light of Proposition 8.

Social media erupted, with tweets pouring in from across the nation:


Even POTUS weighed in with his own supportive tweet:







One Response to “Social Media Erupts Over Gay Marriage Ruling!”

  1. qqnguyen said

    This is awesome news! Congratulation to whoever can be benefit from this news. I am completely straight but I believe in human right. This might sound ignorance to some people, but I don’t understand why people can “not allowing” people to get marry? Then it means “America is a free country” is only a title that they claim? It is not free when people still have to fight for their own human right? Thank you for bring up the topic!

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