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Can Square Make Twitter a Place to Shop?

Posted by richardjudge on June 27, 2013

Wired Magazine had a blog post today that caught my attention.  They write that Square – a company known for it’s unique mobile phone credit card reader – introduced Square Market today.  This is Square’s first endeavor in online retail, but for you shopaholics out there, Square Market has the potential to make Twitter a go to place to shop online.

According to Wired, here’s how it works:

Square’s register works by letting store owners input their inventory—description, price, picture—into the app. When someone comes to the counter to make an offline purchase, the cashier taps the item to add it to the total. In the latest version of the app, a switch to the input screen that lets stores choose the option of selling online. Toggling the switch to “yes” instantly (at least during the demo) posts the product to that business’ Square-hosted online storefront.

But the real-game changer could be is its ability to integrate with Twitter and other sites like Pinterest and Facebook.  Wired continues, writing:

You may not know that Twitter has something called a “product card” that turns a link to a product online into what amounts to a catalog listing embedded in a tweet. The product listings on Square Market don’t look much different than these cards, which is no accident. When a store owner—or anyone—tweets a link to a Square Market listing, the product card will include a buy button that flips right back over to Square. In effect, Twitter becomes the storefront.

Although it’s too early to tell if Square Market will catch on with sellers and buyers, or if Twitter users will adopt the feature, companies like Amazon, Ebay, and others will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye out.

– Rick 


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