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Crowd Booster!

Posted by lianabailey1 on June 27, 2013

Crowdbooster is a new analytic tool for Twitter and Facebook that can help measure your impact and impressions on the public. I believe this is the first of its kind, offering analytics for two social media platforms. Crowdbooster offers social media analytics with suggestions and tools to help you improve your online presence.

Crowdbooster writes on their homepage:

“Measure and optimize your social media marketing”

One of the more cooler features of the analytic tool is their targeted recommendation feature. It’s purpose is to help you understand whom you should engage with on Twitter. The user interface is clean and very intuitive It is fast and easy to get started. There are both free and paid subscriptions with the a paid version being quite reasonable.

Some of the setbacks for Crowdbooster is that some of numbers seem inaccurate, for example, the number of Twitter retweets, or numbers of shares on Facebook. Supposedly this may have been a case of a delayed synchronization of data between Facebook and Twitter. Also the publishing to Twitter and Facebook functionality is not yet fully developed.

If you want to check more about Crowdbooster or to check your own analytics, please visit their website.


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