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Family Social Networking

Posted by lianabailey1 on June 27, 2013

There has been a new wave of social media sites that are dedicated to families.They are designed to help families stay organized and connected. Sites such as Family Crossings takes social media to a whole new familial level. Because families share more than photos, videos and the occasional party invite, Family Crossings allows users to share recipes, addresses, coupons, software and files and even post to family forums Family Crossings provides rules and etiquette on table manners, as well as tips to make the most from your calendar and photo sharing.

Other such as Rootsy is ideal for users looking to save family memories or create a family tree. Like, Rootsy helps you to organize your family tree, add photos and videos and then share it with family members. Rootsy encourages users to flesh out trees with personal memories and photos, rather than just the names and old documents of long-ago deceased relatives. The family tree becomes a living document, where users can connect over happy memories or lost loved ones. Text and photos appear in a virtual scrapbook that anyone in the family can easily access.

With family social networking sites popping up more and more it is important to research the many that are out there to see what is right for your family and its needs. Families want to be able to share information with other family members but many times families are worried about privacy issues especially when dealing with social media sites. These new emerging family friendly social media site boast to be secure so families can feel safe when sharing photos and information.

I myself come from a large families and I think these new sites can be particularly helpful when trying to stay in touch with family members.

Check out these ones below:


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