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Social Media Saving Face For Athletes?

Posted by jsmiff89 on June 27, 2013

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers  - Game Six

In the midst of many athletes getting introuble with social media, mainly through il-advised tweets, it’s a little reassuring to see certain players use it as a great personal tool for PR.

As some of you know, my capstone project centered around NBA athletes and the content of their tweets. It was discovered that the majority used their Twitter just like we do by discussing travel, daily routine, and content relating to their job. However, only the high-profile athletes significantly used their Twitter for brand promotion.

While this case is more crisis communication rather than brand promotion, I felt Roy Hibbert was able use Twitter effectively in the midst of his own personal scandal. After immediate getting a negative social media reaction on his use of the homophobic slang “no homo,” Hibbert knew the heat was coming. Strategically, he decided to reach out to Jason Collins, the first openly gay NBA player  on Twitter before even issuing an official statement. More people saw this immediately, and I believe it definitely saved face for him in the long run.

Hopefully athletes took note of the power of social media PR, and can use it in the positive limelight too, like JaVale.


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