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Social Networking for Kids

Posted by lianabailey1 on June 27, 2013

With social media sites becoming more and more accessible to everyone we have to be concerned about children having social media presences. This can be scary to some, especially with all of the dangers that can be found on the Internet and through social media. To help keep parents calm, there has been an increase in social media sites that are solely dedicated to children, preteens and teens. has been particularly popular amongst parents and is designed for kids ages 8-15. It involves playing games to earn virtual money (in this case, “clams”) for use in building an avatar. Rather than being represented as a cartoon animal, Whyville members create avatars that represent their physical selves. That’s one step closer to the vibe of more grown-up sites, but it’s still more a virtual world/gaming space than a true social networking site. The chat feature for members is restricted to prewritten phrases, but those who pass a “chat license test” (to show they understand online safety) have more freedom to type personal messages to friends. Some words are blacklisted. This site is more educational than the other children social media sites out there.

So to my fellow bloggers and classmates who have children or younger siblings please direct them to Whyville for some innocent social media fun!

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