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The Politics of Vine

Posted by Stephanie on June 27, 2013

As this is my last class blog post, I have decided to bring it full circle and talk once again about Vine. The new Instagram video feature may completely overtake Vine, but as of now the Twitter supported app is still going strong.

This California congressman used a Vine video to record his “nay” vote for a controversial anti-abortion bill. He is the first congressperson to use the app to do so. The tweet accompanying his video read:

“When House @GOP try to roll back health protections for women, this is how I vote.”

In the past we have noticed that being relatable to the general public is key for the approval ratings of politicians. We saw this with Obama’s Reddit AMA.

This democrat California congressman used Vine to depict his strong sentiment about the bill, utilizing the video feature to illustrate a repeated punching of the “nay” key. His original and unique social media behavior in the political sphere may have gotten him attention from a demographic that would not normally be informed of his stance about abortion.

Regardless of one’s opinion of the bill or one’s political awareness, using social media to make a point and take a stance is a new concept that will only continue to evolve and impact politician likability. 

-Stephanie Saulsbury


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