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Twitter CEO Talks Transparency at the Brookings Institution

Posted by Lauren F. on June 27, 2013


Today, I was lucky enough to hear Twitter CEO Dick Costolo speak at the Brookings Institution on a number of topics including data mining, democracy, DOMA, and the future of the “global town square.” Overall, I was surprised to find that the talk was uplifting. Costolo had a unique way of addressing many of the concerns people have with using Twitter and the effect the medium has had on our society in a realistic but upbeat way. 

In particular, Costolo was quick to cite transparency as the key to avoiding many of the pitfalls the social media platform has faced. The discussion was kicked off with the topic of requests from the government to large tech and media companies to access personal information of users. Here, Costolo used the media phenomenon as a way to insure wary customers that their data was actually safer than they thought. He said that Twitter would fulfill all legal and pertinent requests from officials. However, they would also make all requests transparent to users so they could understand what the government was asking for and how Twitter handles these requests.

Given the current climate of suspicion and angst amongst the general public when it comes to the way their data is being collected and used, I thought this was a very diplomatic response from the Twitter CEO.

To read more about the event and Dick Costolo’s other answers, visit:


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