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Twitter Looking to Address Cyberbullying

Posted by richardjudge on June 27, 2013

15-year Phoebe Prince killed herself in 2010 after relentless online taunting by her South Hadley High School schoolmates. Later in 2010, Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clemente jumped off the George Washington Bridge after a sexual encounter in his dorm was secretly streamed over the internet. Those and other high-profile cyberbullying cases around the country helped shed a harsh light on the fact that social technology has enabled schoolyard bullying to reach new and scary heights.

Well, it looks like Twitter might finally be taking steps to being address it.  Twitter CEO Dick Costolo spoke today at the Center for Technology Innovation, hinting that changes may be afoot that would better filter “egregious, obvious harassment.”

To be honest, other then Costolo’s comments there doesn’t seem to be much here in concrete detail.  But understanding that the fight to eliminate cyberbullying is an uphill battle, it’s good to know that  Twitter is working to find a solution.



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