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Using Social Media to Avoid Being Social

Posted by richardjudge on June 27, 2013

tumblr_lxcezim3LQ1qlfwkdo1_500I like all of you, I really do.  But some people (not you of course), I just can’t stand.  In fact, I wish I could avoid certain people altogether.

Like say, an ex-girlfriend who dumped a tray of food on you at Wilsbach meal hall in undergrad.  Please dear god, tell me there is an app that will help me avoid her for the rest of my days here on earth!

Well your prayers are answered.  Meet Hell is Other People.  This fun, anti-social app integrates with your existing Foursquare to help you avoid old loves, new frenemies, or people you suspect to be zombies.

Right now the app just uses Foursquare geo-tagging to help with your dodging, but app designer Scott Garner told the Wall Street Journal that there is a possibility in the future to integrate other sites into the mix.

Now that our class is over, I hope to see all of you again sometime. But if I don’t, I promise I’m not avoiding you!

Have a great summer everyone!

– Rick

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