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Leon Sandcastle, Cliff Paul, and the Next Big Fictional Endorser

Posted by jsmiff89 on June 28, 2013


These famous names may ring a bell to you, but most likely not. Why?

……because they are not real people.

These are fictional athletes created by business, and they are the next big thing in advertising. While some companies are shelling out as much as $200 million to athletes like Derrick Rose, some have become smart enough to spend less and become more strategic. The result has created fictional campaigns around more amusing alter egos of famous athletes. Cliff Paul, StateFarm’s latest advertising superstar, is played by NBA point guard Chris Paul. Other companies like Pepsi, Nike, and the NFL Network are adding these stars and using the fake personas to make audiences to a double take.

The result is hopefully a viral video, which has become quite common with these characters. This in turn creates much cheaper advertisements, and much more entertaining videos as well. By getting these stars to tweet these videos, they’re also pushing out an audience of millions more. Hopefully more companies will catch on.


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