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Vine Doesn’t Bow Easily

Posted by jsmiff89 on June 28, 2013

With last week’s announcement of video for Instagram, the fresh fad of mini-videos has taken the social media world by storm. When looking at the whole picture, it’s actually quite sad for Vine, as they paved their own way with something innovative, only to get one-upped by Instagram. It almost seems like they got Winklevoss’d.

While the debate is still up as to whether Vine will survive or if Instagram will truly be better with the new video options (I’m not a fan), Vine made sure they were heard on the day of Instagram video’s debut.

They paid for a sponsored tweet, and as you searched for either ‘Instagram’ or ‘Vine’ on Twitter, their tweet was front and center, with perhaps the coolest Vine I’ve seen yet.

It was a great display of customer appreciation, and for me personally, left me thinking about not ditching Vine just yet as I updated my Instagram app.

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