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Girl Quits Her Job Using Pictures!

Posted by rebeccapfister on July 7, 2014

A simple question, “How would you quit your job?” The majority of employees would send a resignation email. A well-written resignation letter helps prevent any animosity. An employee doesn’t want to burn any bridges and would want to get a letter of reference from the employer. Unfortunately, Jenny didn’t get the memo and quit her job via mass messaging the entire office. A little unprofessional, yes! It wasn’t a simple email that was sent. Jenny decided to have a bit of fun, using pictures and not so nice words. It quickly went viral and her Boss wasn’t pleased. In this situation, how does a boss handle an upset employee? Ignore, maybe. Jenny’s boss felt the best response was to post similar pictures noting she violated her employee agreement. Definitely not the reaction she was expecting. However, this isn’t the first time a person creatively quit their job. In 2013, Marina created a video announcing she quit. The video went viral of Marina dancing to Kanye West’s “Gone.” It was so popular that talk-show host, QueenLatifah offered her a job. Maybe, Jenny was hoping for that same reaction as Marina. However, the epic pictures of Jenny quitting displayed the lack of professional courtesy. Jenny’s pictures didn’t remain private and gave a reason for employers not to hire her. Jenny’s social media presence indicates that she doesn’t have respect for upper management and potentially post their “dirty laundry.” With social media becoming more integrated within companies, employees such as Jenny, shouldevaluate the potential impact their message has and too much information is too much.

If you want a laugh, check out Jenny’s picture below.


Picture credit: The Chive.

By: Rebecca Pfister


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